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Honeycomb Wool Throw


Made from 100% Pure Wool

Traditional knitting for all to see, this wool blanket from Aran Craft is very special. As it is made from pure wool it is perfect for cuddling up with, and is a must for cold winter evenings. The blanket is 127cms X 153cms approx, and is knitted using Irish cable stitching said to resemble the fishermanís ropes and brings hopes of a fruitful day at sea. The ladder of life pattern is also used signifying the various stages in life, some say that it has a religious significance and resembles a pilgrimís path to salvation. The use of the traditional Irish honeycomb pattern is said to bring luck, some say that it represents the hard working honey bee. A cold wintersí night wonít seem as cold with this pure wool throw.

Colours Available: Charcoal, Natural, & Fleck

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